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Phaselis and Olympos Travel Guide

Chimera- Eternal Fire of Olympos

Beaches melting into historic villages 2500 years old are amazingly beautiful. Two of them Phaselis and Olympos are within daily excursion limits of Antalya, about 1 hour and 90 minutes drives from the city center respectively. Covered with pine trees, Phaselis ruins, dating back as early as 6th century BC is one of the most enjoyable ancient cities in Turkey. The city is built on a very small peninsula, two small coves on each side . One of the coves is quite small while the larger is a mooring spot for boats cruising the Lycian coast. The coves have small gravel beaches, and are separated by a 5 minutes walk through the ruins and under the shade of pine trees.

Olympos ruins, on the other hand, may be reached after a 3 kilometers (2 miles approx.) drive on a bumpy road. A jeep is strongly recommended for a better ride. The ruins are scattered on a small hill and around the river crossing the city. In summer time the river is dry.

The ruins are mostly hidden among the trees and the entrance to the beach is through a path covered by trees and through the rusns of the ancient city. The beach is a "small gravel" beach and the water is crystal clear. It is possible to reach this beach through Chimera (the legendary eternal fire visible at night) exit on the Antalya- Kas road and you would get better driving conditions but you should walk about 10 minutes along the beach to the ancient city of Olympos.

An interesting lodging facility in the area are the "tree houses" with no roof, like the ones you would find in old, Robinson-Crusoe-type novels. The accomodation is free if you eat at the restaurants who built the houses. The site is isolated from "modern life" except that there are many tourists visiting the beach during day time. Still, it may be a good place to relax, sleeping to the sound of crickets at night time.

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