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Termessos Travel Guide

Termessos, an ancient city about 30 minutes from Antalya has witnessed thousands of years of history. The remains of city are on top of the mountain in the Tauruses and is cooler than Antalya, burning under summer sun. Once you get there you have to climb about 2 km (1.4 miles) following the King Road. The ruins are mostly hidden in bushes and trees. And since it was one of the biggest capitals of the ancient times it is widely dispersed. The biggest surprise of the site is the theater one can reach following a small path in the bushes. The theater located on top of the hill shines grey under the sun, offers an eagle's eye view of the valley below. The rocky grey of the mountains in the background mixes to the green of the pine forests. Termessos is located about half an hour drive north of Antalya.

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