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Bodrum is my favorite in the Aegean coast of Turkey. I have visited this beautiful town many times in the past 22 years and I still discover new places each time I visit. And I am not talking about new hotels, bars, restaurants or amusement parks. What makes this town so special is that it is built at the base of the Bodrum peninsula, home to many small towns and tiny villages, both inland and along the coast. The word Bodrum refers not only to the town but also to the peninsula. When Turkish people say they are going to Bodrum it may or may not be the town center they are refering to. So they may need to specifically state the village they are going to visit.

This peninsula along with the town of Bodrum itself attracts travelers from all over the world.

Where to stay in Bodrum:
At the town center or Gumbet (next cove to Bodrum, close to the town center) if you are after night life or visiting Bodrum for a day or two. Night life was one the major reasons why I first went to Bodrum, the first time. Of course that wasn't all. The sea is crystal clear, at the rite temperature and there are hundreds of small coves to swim, many places to discover.

Turgut Reis and Yalikavak are two other major villages around which hotels, holiday villages and time-shares are located. These are about 25 minutes away from Bodrum city center by car or minibus. The other well known spots are Ortakent and Yahsi .

What to do in Bodrum:
All towns and villages in Bodrum peninsula are well connected by minibus (public transportation). But there is no direct connections between each other so you will have to go back to Bodrum bus station to take change minibus. This may be a good option if you stay a week or longer but if you have less time a car rental is necessary to save a lot of time.

We would suggest a daily boat cruise out of the closest town in Bodrum peninsula. Although it is definitely not as good experience as a Blue Cruise, it would give you a feel of what the coast looks like. The down side of this cruise is that they usually play loud music from not so nice loudspeakers and the tours are usually crowded. If you can afford it do a mini private cruise in Gokova bay. If not we would suggest a cabin charter for 4 days out of Bodrum. Both are much better than a day cruise.

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Bodrum Travel Guide

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