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Blue Cruise

We will start our cruise in Bodrum, follow the coast exploring the bays, ancient cities and ports, some unreachable from the land and relax under the clear blue sunny skies of the Mediterranean in our Gulet (traditionally crafted wooden yacht).

We will only explore a few of the thousands of coves and inlets. You can click on some images and pictures to see them at full size. A wide range of blue from Turqouise to dark blue, and the green of the forest, streching out to the bays, will be with us during our cruise.

A more detailed map (not to scale)

This is the map of Southwest Turkey. The start of the tour, as shown on the map, is Bodrum , ancient Halicarnassos, home of the King Mausolus's tomb one of the seven Wonders of the World. Her wife who also happens to be her sister had this tomb built after King Mausolos' death to make his name immortal.

Now, let's start our cruise...

Turkey, a Travel at Warp Speeds

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