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Along the southwest coast of Turkey, there are many ancient Greek, Lician, Carian cities which are either on the sea or very close to the sea .

We find a nice mooring spot where we will swim and enjoy the scenery.

Xhantos, the Lycian capital is our first stop on our eastward cruise. Patara beach with its pure white sands streches for miles.

The ancient Lycian town on the Kekova island was destroyed by an earthquake. The remains of houses along the shore are now in the sea and can be seen from above thourough the crystal clear water.

We see another gulet sailing along the coast. Kale is the next town. Saint Nicholas (Santa Clause) was the bishop of the town of Myra (Kale). He died here in 342.

Slipping along the Kirlangic peninsula we enter the bay of Antalya. At the tip of the peninsula lies Mount Tahtali (Mount Olympos). The city of Olympos located in the mountains, is one of the well preserved ancient cities in the Southwest. The ruins are hidden in laurel bushes and trees. The eternal fire of Olympos can be seen above (burning natural gas coming out of the earth). According to the legend Chimera was a fire spitting monster living in Lycia.

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