Istanbul Archeology Museums

Istanbul Archeology Museums is the first building which was built as a museum in Turkey. It was constructed in 1891 by very succesful artist Osman Hamdi Bey who is the painter of famous 'The Tortoise Trainer'.

It is less known compared to other major sights but is certainly worth a visit. You can sit next to ancient statues and relax under the shades of tall trees in the garden cafe of the museum and deeply feel the ancient history of civilizations in Turkey.
This museum is the only one in Turkey with major Sumerian Turkish tablet and artifacts collection. Don't forget to check it.

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It is located in the direction of Gulhane Park entrance, next to Topkapi Palace, in Gulhane. It can be easily reached by walking down the First Court of Topkapi Palace or by walking up from the main gate of Gülhane Park. It is called 'Archeology Museums', because it consists of three different museum buildings: the Archeological Museum, the Museum of Ancient Near East and the Tiled Kiosk.

On the left side of the entrance, there is Museum of Ancient Near. Anatolian pieces, pre-Islamic items collection,'Tablet Archive' which includes 75.000 documents, Kades Agreement, Anatolian, Mesopotamian, Arabic and Egyptian art works are displayed in this building.

Opposite from the Museum of Ancient Near, there is an Archeology Museum which displays a huge collection of Hellenistic and Roman works of art. Alexander sarcophagus,Mourning Women sarcophagus,Sidamara Sarcophagus and Ottoman coins, seals, decorations, medals can also be seen.

Tiled Kiosk was built in 1472 and has collections of Seljuk, Anatolian and Ottoman tiles and ceramics.

Besides the collections, gardens and architecture of the buildings are also very beautiful.


You you can take the tram and get off at Gulhane station. It is one stop from Sultanahmet, a 5-10 minutes walk downhill. Entrance fee is 10 tl for all of three museums. It is open from 9am to 4pm except mondays.

Turkey has always been an important region throughout history and these museums reflect its unique historic importance perfectly! This gem of a museum is often overlooked by guides but well worth seeing.