Things to Do in Istanbul

Blue mosque

Istanbul, Old city from Pera

Things to do in Istanbul depends on your vacation time in Istanbul. Places to see in Istanbul offers a list of major sights in Istanbul.

The absolutely must see places would be Topkapi Museum, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. They are very close to each other, 5 minutes walking distance apart in Sultanahmet area.

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Once you have visited major sights in the Old Town and Beyoglu area and have taken a boat along the Bosphorus, there are still many other things to do.

Istanbul Archeological Museum is possibly the most overlooked museum in Istanbul. There you will find pieces from ancient sites around Turkey including sarcophagus of Alexander. The cafe of this museum is gorgeous as the shades offer great relief from the Istanbul sun and you would be surrounded by ancient Greek and Roman artwork in the beautiful garden. So while strolling down at the exit of Topkapi Museum just pass through Haghia Irini (St. Irene) church and walk a minute to reach the museum's garden. The museum has great ancient pieces brought from around Turkey.

Visit to a Turkish Bath is not an unusual thing to do. There are two major baths one is in Sultanahmet and the other is in Galatasaray which have been catering to tourists since a long time.

Istanbul Views

Istanbul is a city of fascinating views. Whether you are a photographer or not, check locations with great Istanbul views.

Try a cafe in Bebek. If you would like to the see of the campus of the best Turkish University with incredible vistas over the Bosphorus then visit Bogazici University, an ex-American college. Enter through Rumelihisari gate and get out from the Bebek gate. Bosphorus is Bogazici in English.


There are no spectular beaches like the ones you can find in the Southern or Western Turkey. However if you have plenty of time in your hands and are curious enough to travel about more than an hour, you may head to beach clubs in Kilyos area. Alternatively, you may visit Caddebostan on the Asian side. From May till September you may check Caddebostan beach, you will just see a waterfront upscale neighboorhood a walkway, a beach, skaters, joggers, all you can find at your home town. At the same time you can see regular Istanbul people . There are two small, overcrowded beaches along with a private posh club pier.