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Weekly Pictures from Istanbul

Our aim is to show net surfers around the world weekly and (sometimes) daily pictures of Istanbul. The pictures are taken by amateurs photographers. If you have pictures you would like to be displayed on this site please let us know (do not send them before notifying us). If you have been to Istanbul you can revive your memory of the streets of Istanbul, or if you are about to come you can "see " the weather, the people, the streets, and the Bosphorus".

Please don't forget to send us your comments.

December 21-27, 1998

December 28, 1998- January 3, 1999

January 4,1999- January 10, 1999

January 11,1999- January 17, 1999

January 18,1999- January 24, 1999

February 7-February 14, 1999

March 14, March 20, 1999

March 26, April 3, 1999

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