Ephesus-Pamukkale-Pergamon-Didyma-Miletus-Priene 4 days by plane, Tour 8

Turkey tour 8 itinerary

Day 1 Istanbul-Ephesus

A four day tour that targets the beauties of the main ancient Greek and Roman sites in Turkey with an additional natural miracle touch in Pamukkale. An Istanbul-Izmir morning flight and a transfer will make you end up in a hotel in Selcuk that is situated very close to Ephesus. With this tour, you will have a chance to see the temple of Artemis, the House of Virgin Mary, the Celsus Library, the Great Theater, the temple of Domitian and the Trajan Fountain.

Following the first day Ephesus tour, transfer to the Hotel in Selcuk for the first night stay.

Day 2 Selcuk-Pamukkale-Selcuk

A transfer from Selcuk to Pamukkale will take you to a natural and a historical wonder. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites with its breathtaking white travertines, Pamukkale will also offer you the chance to see the Sacred Pool, Hierapolis ruins, Necropolis the city of death, the Collonade street and the Roman theater.

Following the Pamukkale tour, a transfer back to hotel in Selcuk for the second night accommodation.

Day 3 Selcuk-Pergamon-Selcuk

This is the third day of the tour that means after the breakfast you are heading to Pergamon, that is situated close to the modern day Turkish city of Bergama. It is a beautiful ancient treasure literally filled with buildings and temples as well as one of the first medical centers. You will be visiting: the Pergamon Acropolis, the Temples of Zeus and Dionsyos, Trajan and Athena temples, the medical center called Asclepion, Library, Agora, Great theater and Roman bath

Following the Pergamon tour, a transfer back to hotel in Selcuk for the third night stay.

Day 4 Selcuk-Didyma-Miletus-Priene-Izmir-Istanbul

The last day of this tour will take you south, near Didim village of modern day Turkey. Didyma is the first site that you will see, in fact it is a sacred site offering you the temple of Apollon where oracles used to commit prophecy rituals.

During the Miletus tour you will see the Great theater and Baths of Faustina.

The most important structures in Priene are the temple of Athena and Bouleuterion (Senate House). You can also see Zeus and Demeter temples and the theater.

Following the tour, a transfer to Izmir airport for the afternoon flight back to Istanbul where another transfer for your hotel will be waiting for you at the airport.


Istanbul-Izmir-Istanbul flight, three night hotel accommodation in Selcuk or Kusadasi, all transfers, guided tours and lunches are included.

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