Istanbul tour, Chora Museum, Pera district and Asian Side half day

Hagia Sophia wall

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This tour starts with Chora museum or St. Savior, originally a beautiful Byzantine church built in the 4th century. The recent structure, the decoration and the beautiful mosaics and frescoes however dates back to 14th century. It is a very important church regarding the early Christianity and the Byzantium history. The mosaic panels and frescoes were plastered by Ottomans when the church was converted into a Mosque (Kariye Mosque) and they were recently unveiled during the world II. Chora finally became a museum in 1947. The themes of mosaics and frescoes mainly cover the life of Jesus Christ, Resurrection and Heaven and Hell and they are amazing evidences of the artistic level of Byzantium art.

After Chora museum, you will visit Pera region. Originally called as Rue de Pera, it is in fact a long street which forms today's Istiklal Caddesi. Surrounded by Galata, Karakoy, Tunel, Tophane, Cihangir, Taksim and Tepebasi districts, this street and its perimeters still reflect the 19th century style of living thanks to the capital accumulated back then by Christian and Jewish merchants living in Istanbul. It is the antithesis of the Old City and it is almost the second personality of Istanbul which makes this city so unique. Istiklal Caddesi or Pera cuts through the beautiful western style old buildings, churches, consulates, bars, restaurants and it is literally packed with people all the time. This is why this place is "the" night life district of Istanbul.

After Pera you will be driven across the Bosphorus bridge to get to the Asian Side of Istanbul where you will get a panoramic view of the city from the top of Camlica Hill. With an altitude of 288 meters, you will have the best perception of Istanbul with an uncut and clear view of Old City, Pera, Bosphorus shores, bridges, main roads and other hills. Cross your fingers for clear skies !

This tour is only available on Mondays and Thursdays.

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