Istanbul tour, Turkish 1001 nights show

Istanbul night life, Pera district

Turkish Raki and Mezes ready for an Istanbul night

Tour Details

An outstanding Istanbul at Night experience that will take you to a restaurant offering the best of Turkish and international cuisine, Turkish Raki and Mezes (Turkish Hors D'oeuvre)

You will also be presented a show demonstrating the Ottoman Harem rituals and Ottoman Palace life. Get ready to see some Belly dancing action and unique Turkish folk dance groups on stage. Turkish music and cuisine festival in one fine Istanbul night. Dance to the eastern rhythms mixed with western vibes. Fusion is a well known art in Istanbul for thousands of years, that is why it has seen three empires built on its seven hills.

Transfers are included, drinks limited to two glass of any kind or half a bottle of wine. Available everyday.

PRICE: 50 euros per person
Please ask price for 3 persons or more. Booking and further info requests

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