Istanbul tour, Princes' Islands and Asian side full day

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This tour starts with a Bosphorus bridge cross in a bus. You will be driven through Kadikoy, Fenerbahce, Caddebostan, Suadiye and Bostanci path which are the main districts of residential areas. You will have a better understanding of how Istanbulians live on the Asian side.

The tour then will continue with a boat trip from Bostanci to Buyukada that is the biggest one of the Princes' Islands. The others are Kinaliada, Burgazada, Sedefadasi and Heybeliada. There is no motor vehicle traffic in Buyukada and it seems so far away from the madding crowd of Istanbul if only you can make it on weekdays. These islands were in fact exile places for the royal Byzantians and now they host gorgeous summer houses, hotels, private clubs, some beaches and restaurants. There are people living on these islands all year long as the ferry service of Istanbul city also cover these Islands although the daily schedules are less frequent compared to other main lines.

Since the islands are a part of the Greek culture of Istanbul, the main attraction on Buyukada is Ayayorgi (St.George)monastery which stands on top of a hill that takes about half an hour of a hike. You can also get a horse carriage or rent a bicycle in your free time until the end of this tour. The Istanbul view from the Island will make you realize how big is the Istanbul metropolitan area. After the free time, you will also get to see the other islands while the ferry makes its usual calls on Heybeli, Burgaz and Kinali. The ferry will drop you on the European side.

PRICE: 60 euros per person
Please ask price for 3 persons or more.

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