Cheap Flights to Turkey, Istanbul and Other Cities

Turkey's major international airports are Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman (serving Marmaris Fethiye region), Izmir and Ankara. The busiest hub for direct international flights is Istanbul where Ataturk airport in the European side receives overwhelming majority of airlines. Some low cost Turkish and European carriers have started serving Sabiha Gokcen Airport in recent years primarily from the UK and Germany but also other cities in Europe.

Finding a cheap ticket requires both knowledge and luck. Once you know the major routes of several airlines and the seasonal variations in air traffic, it is possible to make better informed searches.

First of all, charter planes operate year around from Europe along with scheduled low cost carriers starting as low as 140 dollars or 100 euros round-trip from major airports in Germany and UK. If you are flying from the US and do not mind connections in Europe's major airports such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London, you can arrange cheaper routes.


In addition to cheap holiday packages including hotel accomodation and even car rentals, there are some websites that lets you choose flights and construct your own package if you depart UK. One such site is They compare deals on flights to Turkey from many traditional and no frills airlines as well.

If you fly from Germany you may check a low cost carrier among others.


There are two carriers who fly direct from New York City to Istanbul: Turkish and Delta Airlines though it is hard to find cheap flights in this route except in winter.

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If your final destination in Turkey is other than Istanbul, such as when you charter a yacht out of Marmaris or Bodrum, you can get a round trip ticket to Istanbul and contact a travel agent in Turkey for domestic flights in Turkey.

Or you can buy your ticket to your final destination, say Bodrum in conjunction with your international flight to Turkey to get cheaper rates. Such NYC-Bodrum ticket.

In case you want to change planes in a European city instead of Istanbul for your flight to one of Turkish resort towns see above some alternatives for cheap flights from Europe.

If you are changing flights in Europe, London, Amsterdam and Franfurt seem like good choices since there are frequent low cost flghts to Turkey from these airports. So you need to check a few alternatives to decide which ones are most favorable.

There are airfare comparison searches offered on some travel sites or you may also want to check a list of flight consolidators, for consolidator fares from US.