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Manavgat is the biggest county in Antalya and is a recently delevoped tourist destination with hotels along its beautiful sand beaches in Titreyengol district. The city is famous for its waterfalls, though the waterfalls are important for Turkey they are neverthless not impressive. Still it is one the stops for many daily tours in the region. Boat tours along near where the Manavgat river meets the sea are also popular. Manavgat river is one the world's longest running subterranean rivers.

The most important sights of Manavgat county are world famous Aspendos theater , an almost fully intact Roman theater, Koprulu Canyon , Selge ruins. Side the famous village of the Antalya region is part of Manavgat district.

Manavgat's economy was dependant on citrus, cotton and vegetables and they still generate revenues for the farmers, though tourism is the more important like almost any other place in Antalya.

Manavgat like other small cities along the coast is located at the foot of Taurus mountains, and "yaylas" plateaus in the mountains offer cool for farmers leaving the city center during very hot summer months.

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