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Gumbet is the first beach that saw tourism develeopment in Bodrum, due to its proximity to Bodrum town center, only a few minutes by car, or about 10 by public tranportation.

It is a small cove separated from Bodrum by one hill decorated with windmills a characteristic sight of Bodrum peninsula.

Gumbet is real cosmopolitan. Five star hotels and no star hotels are in the same hill overooking Gumbet cove. There are houses where people live around the year but mostly it is a tourist village. Plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars can be found throughout the village. If Bodrum is one of the busiest resorts in Turkey, Gumbet is Bodrum's most lively spot.

Although Gumbet attract holidaymakers from aound the world, it is mostly a British cocept of a holiday. It is where British people, mostly young, have it their way, with lots of beer drinking fun and tanning by beach.

More and more people organize their weddings in Gumbet on a boat.

To get to Gumbet you can use bus and local minibus services or use a private Bodrum Airport Transfer

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