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The cruise does not involve any substantial open sea cruise as you would expect in other parts of the world. It is an outdoors event which combines the sea, the forest, the nature, history, the people and the food. You will also have time to enjoy the small and large coastal towns.

The boat cruise on engine (very rarely set sails) and cruising time is usually limited to 2-3 hours per day. The boat cruise very close to the shore and most of the time in bays or coves, so the ride is almost always smooth. The waves rarely cause any discomfort, and in the unlikely event that it does, it is usually limited to a short distance.

For those who would like to sail, we suggest chartering an entire private crewed gulet or bareboat.

The boat usually moores overnight in tiny coves about 20-30 meters (60-90 feet) to the shore, where pine trees meet the sea. 2-3 nights are spent docked in the marina of a coastal town. In those nights you can do shopping, dine at restaurants or enjoy the nightlife at a bar or disco.

During the cruise you will have plenty of time to enjoy the unique scenery, swim in the Turquoise waters, sunbath, roam around with the dingy attached to the boat or go to the shore which is only about 20-30 meters from the boat and trek in the nature or if there are historic ruins around, tour the ruins do watersports (additional fee) such as water ski, jetski, banana ride, or visit coastal towns.

There is no reported case of shark attack in the entire history of the country and this will make your swimming experience in the warm Turquoise waters, a safe one too.

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