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Along the Karaburun peninsula there are many villages and holiday centers. With the opening of an autoroute (turnpike) the most important holiday centre, Cesme is only one hour drive from Izmir city center. This peninsula is usually crowded by the dwellers of Izmir who are taking the weekend off. It is also a destination for European tourists, especially Germans. There are also many small fishing villages, calm and much less visited by the tourists. One of them is Karaburun which also has good hotels.

Cesme is particularly an attractive holiday destination for Turkish tourists, those who have their second homes in the area. Also known to be a destination for wealthier Turkish tourists, for some of them it even means a substitute for Bodrum as it has less foreign tourists and less nightlife. Bodrum and Cesme though both popular are very different resort towns, Bodrum being more lively, sunny, warm and international. Still Cesme has many restaurants, cafes and nightlife venues.

There are sand beaches near the city center, but many prefer beach clubs for swimming and sunbathing. One other reason why Cesme is popular especially for Izmir residents as it is their primary beach resort about an hour away.

In the vicinity of Izmir there are even smaller villages where you can simply relax, away from the crowds, and swim in a crystal clear sea. One of them is Ildiri, near the ancient city of Erythrai.

To get to Cesme you can use bus and local minibus services or use a private Izmir Airport Transfer

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