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By Mehmet Kurtkaya

Marmaris is another resort city along the coast. The nature has been generous to Marmaris and environs. Mountains, pine woods and Turquoise waters meet in this region.

However, the first minute you get to the city center you will see the the usual architecture of any modern (less than 50 years old) town in Turkey: no character with concrete blocks. Unlike Bodrum which has a typical architectural character which is also enforced by the municipality and city laws.

Marmaris Bay

When you reach the sea shore you get a much better view of the town. Palm trees, Mediterreanean sun. Parks. Mountains covered with pine woods. Beautiful green. And the blue.

By looking from town center to the sea you may feel you see a lake. Unilke other towns along the Mediterranean, Marmaris bay is almost a closed one with a small passage to the Agean. The place is also considered the meeting point of the Agean and the Mediterranean seas.

The small neighborhood around the castle and the tiny streets are definitely a must see. The architecture here is very nice with Aegean character and really narrow streets. There are a few home style restaurants with great views of the Marmaris bay.

The sea side of the yacht marina is a much better place to relax along the shore of Marmaris city center. Again except the sporadic noise of the scooters.

However at night the marina also embodies the busiest and loudest disctrict "Bar Street" where discos, bars, cafes abound the music is loud until 2-3 AM.

There a few small hotels and guest houses in the marina, although you should know that the music does not die until 2-3 AM and rocking the windows in hotels and guest houses around it. So unless you are into nightlife we would suggest you to check at a hotel at the other side of the bay where 5 star resorts are located, or another cove close to the city center.

Icmeler is one of these places where you can find resort hotels right on the beach. Although there are public beaches in city center, the sea is not the cleanest due to relative proximity to the marina. So we suggest beaches deep down the bay or other coves such as Icmeler and hundreds of others where you 'll have the Mediterranean and the Agean sea at its best. Datca is 2 hours drive from Marmaris and is located close to the tip of the peninsula. There are many small towns, condo complexes along the way. Some are so much into nature that some of the nature friendly hotels and camps take names as Amazon. These are the places to relax in the unspoiled nature of the Aegean where pine trees meet the crystal clear waters.

Cafes and Bars/Dancing:

The town has a lot of bars, discos and cafes which are open April through November. The clientele is mostly European tourists, mainly package holidaygoers from UK and Scandinavia. Some Turkish tourists along with the locals crowd these places.

One cafe which has a nice view is Akvaryum cafe bar which boasts 400+ music and many TV channels around the world thanks to their digital satelite receiver.

Casablanca is a nice bar along the Bar Street while Greenhouse, B52, and Backstreet are also popular.

If you enter Marmaris from West you will see Gokova bay

If after visiting Marmaris you would also like to see Bodrum, check our Bodrum Guide

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