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Frequently Asked Questions For Yacht Cruises in Turkey

Question: Why the name Blue Cruise ?
Answer: The name comes from a Turkish writer Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, known as the fisherman of Halicarnassus. He was exiled to Bodrum ! He has written extensively about the beautiful coast of Southwest Turkey.

Question: What is gulet ?
Answer: Turkish wooden boat of a special wide -body design.

Question: Which one to choose a cruiseship cruise and a yacht/gulet cruise?
Answer:The Turkish cruise area is very suitable for a yacht cruise because the seas are generally calm, cruises are done very close to the shore and sometimes in lagoon like bays. The cruise does not involve any substantial open sea cruise as you would expect in other parts of the world. You will also have time to enjoy the small coastal villages cruiseships can't visit.

Question: Yacht cruise in Greece or Turkey ?
Answer:Greece has beautiful islands but the sea is open to the waves and winds of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The coastline does not offer hidden beauties. Turkish coastline has thousands of small coves, bays and inlets.

Question: Can we combine Greece and Turkey in a yacht cruise ?
Answer: Yes, but note that the prices will be higher due to distances and harbour fees.

Questions: What activities we can do during the cruise ?
Answer: It is an outdoors event which combines the sea, the forest, the nature, history, the people and the food. The most beautiful and pristine waters offer you swimming, the cook speciliaties of the Turkish cuisine. You can relax under the sun, or sip your drink at the sunset after a hard day of laziness :) You can also hike along the coast, visit thousands of years old ruins, go out at night in larger towns. There is always plenty to do if you are an active traveler and nothing to do if you simply wanna lat down under the sun and comtemplate the scenery.

Question: Are there any sharks attacks in Turkey?
Answer: There is no reported case of shark attack in the entire history of the country and this will make your swimming experience in the warm Turquoise waters, a safe one too.

Question: Which itinerary is the best ?
Answer: It is hard to say. Many people do the cruise once every year. So they change itinerary and scenery. For a first timer the area around Gocek is beautiful. Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris as well Gocek-Kas-Kekova-Gocek cruise is a good mix of nature and history. Bodrum-Bodrum has a lot of nature to offer. Antalya-Kekova-Antalya cruise covers many ruins. Another itinerary may be Bodrum-Didim-Bodrum. You may add daily tours to Miletus, Dydima, Priene and Ephesus during this cruise.

Question: What are the meals like ?
Answer: Typical Turkish and some selections of international cuisines, such as pasta, meatballs. If you charter a yacht privately you can order the meals and indicate your food preferences before you start cruising.

Question: How about children ?
Answer: They enjoy the cruise a lot especially if they can swim.

Question: Do I need airconditioning and when ?
Answer: You may need airconditioning in July and August. Alternatively you may sleep on deck like many do if the weather is very hot. The aircondintioning has a problem that in the silence of the nature it makes quite a lot of noise.

Questions: How big are the cabins ?
Answer: Usually the cabins must be big enough to accomdate you and your luggage comfortably. Boat size is important but cabin size too. In general don't expect much. Some of the boats however may offer hotel like comfort.

Questions: Water ?
Answer: Almost all boats nowadays have both hot and cold water 24 hours a day.

Questions: Watersports and diving ?
Answer: You can participate in all type of water activities during your cruise. But you should indicate your preferences before you charter the yacht.

Questions: What are the major ingredients of a yacht cruise?
Answer: A good boat and and a good crew.

Questions: How about fishing during the cruise ?
Answer: It's a though deal. Fish is usually hard to catch in summer. If you are lucky your captain may catch you fish or you can do it while snorkeling if you have the equipment with you.

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