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Travel Assistant for Leisure Travelers
If you are planning for a vacation or honeymoon in Turkey, our travel assistant and itinerary booking plan (details given below) can make your trip a wonderful one. Please check our web pages thoroughly for a wealth of up-to-date travel info and specials along with guide page, detailed info on regions, travel tips, from history to nature.

Whether you already have an itinerary or are unsure about it, the travel assistant will guide through your planning. Once decided please provide exact dates for each city or villages you will visit along with any other service such as car rental, city tours you may need so that you will receive a quote.

Itinerary Booking

We have a nice suggestion for your itinerary planning. We did have very good feedback from travelers, mostly from the US, who have used and are currently using this service.

Here's how:

You do plan on an itinerary and we provide you with a list of suggested hotels and rates. You reserve by fax and credit card. Then, if you ever want to change your travel plans you call /fax the office in Istanbul at least 7 days in advance before check-in date to change, cancel or update any reservation. You may also reserve for a daily guided tour, a cruise or an Anatolian Tour covering a few cities.

Cancellation Policy:

No charge for cancellations done 7 days in advance before check-in date. Cancellation penalty corresponding to one day hotel rate if you cancel until the check-in date, and the total amount if you do not cancel at all.

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