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Saklikent Travel Guide

These are major sites in the region between Patara and Fethiye. They are about 1-2 hours drive away and can easily be accessed on day trips.

Letoon ruins are on the fertile plains on a flat surface. Temples are the highlight of the site.

Xhantos was the capital city of Lycia. The ruins and tombs are scattered around the area but there is not much left from the city it once was.

Tlos was a very important ancient city of Lycian region. The characteristic of the region are tombs carved on the hill and the fortress on top of a hill built later on by the Ottoman offers a superb view of the plain down below. You can also visit the theater easily almost on the road.

Saklikent Gorge is a nature's gift to the region. The gorge is about 17 kilometers and you can visit the first few hundered meters easily. The river flows along the gorge and you will have to put your feet in the water in order to walk further. There are also many rock that block the way and you will return back when you see one you cannot climb. The gorge is pretty crowded, but the scenery is very nice, especially at the entrance of the gorge. The river flows a medium pace but the water is very cold and even on a hot day you will feel really chilled. It possible to taste some nice Turkish meals sitting at the small restaurants by the river.

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