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Oludeniz, Belcekiz Beach

Oludeniz Belcekiz Beach in winter. In summer the beach is crowded but not packed. In the background you can see Faralya region with its mountains and canyon beaches.

Oludeniz is one of Turkey's most famous sights, a permanent on Turkish tourism brochures and videos. Amazing blue of the waters enters a sand beach and goes inland amid pine forests.

Oludeniz is the small lagoon connected to the sea through a narrow straight and Belcekiz is the cove the straight opens to. When people refer to Oludeniz they mean Belcekiz beach about two kilometers long strip of beach that meets aquamarine blue of the Mediterranean sea.

Oludeniz first came into spotlight in the 1970's but until the late 1980's there was only one hotel in Oludeniz. It was mostly a camping spot for backpackers and young people. Nowadays Oludeniz has many hotels including some luxury ones. Yet, its natural beauty has been well preserved, there is no residential development in the area and the hotels are not directly on the beach but slightly inland so the beach area is as it was before.

One of the most interesting sights in Oludeniz are the paragliders' colorful chutes dotting the blue skies like kites. They jump from Babadag above and land on the beach in Oludeniz. So while on the beach look not only to the sea beyond but also above!

There is plenty to be done in the area, if you rent a jeep or a car you may visit Kayakoy, Faralya, Butterfly Valley, Saklikent Gorge, the ruins of Tlos or take a boat trip from Fethiye to 12 islands. Oludeniz has nightlife though less than Ovacik Hisaronu up the hill. You can see some of the sights in Fethiye Area Video Clips

Public transportation to the city center of Fethiye from Oludeniz is very frequent, one every few minutes in summer.

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