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Video of the old village of Kayakoy in winter. Just 4 kilomoters from the pristine beach of Gemile.

Kayakoy built on the hill of a small green plain is an old Greek town which was abandoned after there was Greek left for Greece and Turkish people living in Greece came to Turkey after the founding of Turkey following destruction of Ottoman Empire.

Located 8 km from Fethiye, the deserted village of Kayakoy encompasses 3000 empty stone houses hence the name Kayakoy (stone village in Turkish). The ghost city is now a musuem and farms and houses are built in the valley next to it.

Nowadays there are many guest houses, vacation rentals available in the area for travelers looking for a peaceful holiday.

The beach of Gemile is about 4 kilometers (5 minutes) by car from Kayakoy. You can also trek down the hill to the sea shore in about 45 minutes.

Public transportation from Fethiye to Kayakoy is frequent.

You can see more videos of the region in Fethiye Video Clips.

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