Uskudar is located in the heart of the Bosphorus on the Asian side. Uskudar's history dates back to 7th century B.C. It is surrounded by Kadikoy, Beykoz and Umraniye. Once known as Scutarii, it was home to many different populations throughout history such as Athenians, Byzantium and lastly Ottoman Empire.

Now it is among the most populated areas of Istanbul with half a million people. Central Uskudar and some of its surrounding neighborhoods are very conservative.


There are a lot of places to see in and around it. Symbol of Uskudar, Maiden's Tower built on rocks out in the sea is surely among the places to be seen. There are mosques, churches and synagogues in this area. Famous mosques include Mihrimah Sultan Mosque designed by Mimar Sinan for Mihrimah Sultan, the favorite daughter of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and Semsi Pasha Mosque. There are close to 200 mosques in Uskudar, a few of them by famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. In addition, many historical fountains are worth seeing, such as Fountain of Ahmed III with classical Ottoman style and Fountain of Huseyin Avni Pasha with Baroque style. There are also historical residences in greater Uskudar area such as Beylerbeyi Palace a 10 minute drive to the the north, Abdulaziz Hunting Villa and Adile Sultan Pavilion and madrasahs such as Ahmediye Madrasah and Mihrimah Sultan Madrasah.

Some of the most important archeologic discoveries in Istanbul and even in Turkey were done during the construction of Marmaray an underground sea tunnel that will connect Uskudar on the Asian side to Sarayburnu, Eminonu on the European side. The construction was delayed by almost two years to unearth some of the findings from thousands of years of ago from neolithic (about 6500 years ago) and Byzantine periods in Uskudar and most importantly on European side, Yenikapi area 4th-century Port of Theodosius in Yenikapi

You can eat famous 'Kanlica Yoghurt' in Kanlica district of Uskudar about half an hour drive up the Bosphorus. Little fish restaurants on the sea offer fish at moderate or cheap prices. Although delicious, the fish sandwiches sold in Uskudar, Kadikoy and Eminonu and other corners of Istanbul is Norvegian mackarel, more appropriate to sandwiches as they are without bones and also cheap. If you are on budget and want to try local fish, we suggest fried Istavrit any day of year or Hamsi (from Septmber to July) by sitting a a small restaurant. Most importantly you can eat at Kanaat Lokantasi which offers delicious Ottoman cuisine. You can sit in the tea houses near the sea with the great view of Bosphorus and drink Turkish tea or coffee. If you want to drink alcohol you can try Turkish raki in beautiful taverns of Kuzguncuk district of Uskudar.


Uskudar can easily be accessed from almost every corner of Istanbul.

You can take ferries from main districts of Istanbul such as Karakoy, Besiktas, and Eminonu. For more information see ferry hours for boats serving the Bosphorus.

Or you can take any bus with Uskudar name on its sign panel, from almost every direction in Istanbul.