Beylerbeyi Palace

The palace is located in Beylerbeyi, 5 minutes from Uskudar , on the Asian side of the Bosphorus slightly to the north of and facing Dolmabahce Palace, across the sea, right under the first bridge which connects Asia and Europe. This small palace was designed as a summer residence by Sarkis Balyan who was one of the most famous architects in Ottoman Empire at the order of Sultan Abdulaziz. The construction of the palace took 2 years and was completed in 1865. In addition to Sultan family, many important historic figures were guests in this palace such as Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph and King Edward VIII.

The palace consists of 3 entrance halls, 6 living rooms and 26 rooms. Inside the palace, there are two main parts, Harem (for women only) and Selamlik (for men only). A mix of Western and Eastern architecture can be seen inside the palace. The dinner room, the room of the sultan and reception room are the main sections for visitors

As you go out, a walk around the garden of the palace located right on the Bosphorus, is as pleasurable as visiting the palace itself. The gardens outside the palace are arranged set by set. There are beautiful mansions, trees, pools and sculptures in these gardens. In addition, there is a tunnel under these gardens. It was built in order to enable the connection between the gardens and outside the walls.

The easiest way to reach the palace is by ferry. You can take ferry from Eminonu and go to Uskudar and then, from Uskudar take bus No 15C and get off in Cayirbasi stop.

It is open between the hours of 9.30am-5pm everyday, except Monday and Thursday. Entrance fee is 8 tl(~ 4 euro). If you want to take pictures inside the palace, you have to pay an additional 6tl(~ 3 euro) for your camera.

In the past was a summer and guest residence, today it serves as a museum and one of the highlights of Istanbul!