Kadikoy is center and transportation hub of Asian side of Istanbul. Kadikoy is a port for regular ferries faster ferries (sea buses) and bus, dolmush connections to most locations in Istanbul.

The pretty, intellectual neighborhood of Moda is only 10 minutes walk away and if you take the seaside pedestrian walk from Kadikoy to Moda, you may even feel yourself in a seaside resort at the same time looking at the silhouettes of Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque St. Sophia in Sultanahmet across the Bosphorus.

Kadikoy is not only the name of the centre where ferries dock but also the name of the district which encompasses neigborhoods along the posh Bagdat Caddesi such as Fenerbahce, Caddebostan, Saskinbakkal, Suadiye along with many inland locations such as Erenkoy, Kozyatagi etc. The seaside strip from Kadikoy to Bostanci is most attractive to visit. There are no historic sights of major importance but bits and pieces of history such as Old Ottoman houses, spread among recently build multistory buildings.

The district is home to the biggest football (soccer) club in Turkey, Fenerbahce whose stadium attracts 60,000 fans to the games. The stadium is about 15 minutes walk from the center of Kadikoy.

Residents of Kadikoy are progressive, though not as multicultural as Beyoglu area. Yet in recent years increasing numbers of travelers from around the world stay in Kadikoy as well as expats and students who stay for long term. Moda especially attracts most foreigners as it is right accross the Bosphorus from Sultanahmet, Kabatas (via metro to Taksim) and Besiktas.

Kadikoy is also home to Haydarpasa Railway Station serving cities around Turkey and some Middle Eastern cities.


A walk in Kadikoy marketplace (Kadikoy Carsisi in Turkish) is highly suggested though very crowded. Shops that sell fresh fruits and vegeables, cheese, fresh fish as well as bakeries, restaurants and bars crowd the streets of Kadikoy. Kokerec, fried mussels, boreks, simits are cheap and tasty alternatives to full course meals. Travelers from the US and Europe have reported an easygoing, less pushy attitude in the marketplace. There are also many bars and cafes in the area, similar to Beyoglu but smaller in size.

Sureyya Opera house, a historic building, is the only opera building in Istanbul a is located 10 minutes to the center on Bahariye street the equivalent of Istiklal in Beyoglu but shorter and much less crowded. There many theaters and movie theaters in Kadikoy.


There are ferries from many corners of European side of Istanbul at 20-30 minutes intervals, such as Eminonu, Karakoy which is across the Galata Bridge from Eminonu, Besiktas. Before boarding the ferry you can also buy simit and share some of it with seagulls that accompany the boats by throwing bits of it in the air. You should be on top deck (mostly modern boats have top decks) or the back of the boat.

Don't forget a ferry ride gives some of most beautiful photo shooting opportunities in Istanbul.