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Kabak Faralya

Kabak Cove from the end of the Faralya road. You have to trek down to the beach and camp sites.

Kabak is the second cove to be discovered by travelers in Faralya district after Butterfly Canyon in recent years. It is at the end of Faralya road, you need to walk down about half an hour to get down to the beach area which offers huts, bungalow and tent accomodations. The trees offer shades but it can get hot in July and August. Nature is unspoiled, the valley that leads to the see offers breathtaking views of the blue sea below but the two hills to the north and east of the valley are also beautiful, or better yet have character (see photo below).

Kabak is the place to get away from it all like its neighboring Butterfly Valley. It is a fairly recent discovery and the area is carefully preserved as it is a late discovery and eco-tourism conciousness is starting to grow in Turkey.

Unless you are trekking along the coast, Kabak cove means chilling out, enjoying time casually, reading a book, enjoying the beach, having conversations with like minded travelers. And if you want to party you can still go to Oludeniz and enjoy the crowds, it is about 30 minutes away in the direction of Fethiye.

Public transportation to the city center of Fethiye from Kabak is not frequent so inquire about your return trip schedule before leaving Fethiye.

You can see videos of the region in Fethiye Video Clips. For lodging in the Fethiye region please see Fethiye Hotels.

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