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Living in Gocek

In memory of my friend Pinar Turan (1973-2008) a beautiful fun person, Gocek citizen.

Life in Gocek
Gocek locals have both worker and farmer backgrounds due to mine and paper factories in the area which are closed long time ago. The people are open-minded and nice. Women are actively involved in the economy of the city which hosts many Womens rights advocates.

Foreigners as well people from major cities such as Istanbul who have retirement homes here or simply gotten away from big cities are mostly well educated professionals looking for calm.

Mincik, official TWARP cat. She recently moved to Gocek, enjoys the sun.


Gozleme in the Sunday Bazaar.
Fresh means fresh in this market.

Don't forget to check the taste of gozleme in Gocek marketplace (bazaar) on Sundays. Gozleme is a Turkish rolled dough filled with cheese, potato or sometimes sweets. The one I suggest is potatoes, cheese and silaotu, a local green herb with beautiful scent. You can find it near the teagarden inside the bazaar (marketplace).

Two local farmers (one is seen of the upper right photo) sell fresh fruits and vegetables they pick from their own or neighbors gardens, everyday in the city center. Ask for the motorcycle farmer!

You can hike from Gocek to Inlice bay in two and a half hours. The walk inside the pine forest offers wonderful vistas over Gocek bay and the surrounding islands.

One of the main events for the locals is picking mushrooms in the woods in late Autumn. The mushroom is called cintar (pronounced chintar). There are two other types of mushrooms in the area.

Wild boar hunting is also done in the area.

Citrus fruits on the sidewalks and in Municipality garden are waiting for you to pick :)

Locals bring their outboards and dinghies for Sunday fishing trips.

Beehives. You can buy Gocek pine honey in the Sunday Bazaar.


All telephone numbers in Gocek starts with 645.

The best weather forecast for Gocek weather is the average of Izmir and Antalya, locals say. Fethiye is very close to Gocek but the temperatures are just a bit lower in Gocek.

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