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Gocek, a small seaside farming village turned into the top yachting center of Turkey, lies on a valley surrounded by hills on three sides. Due to abundant freshwater, the warm climate and very fertile soil, farming is still practiced even though land prices have skyrocketed in the last decade since Gocek became an internationally famous port city.

Just two blocks from the promenade by the sea, houses still have their little gardens where residents grow all kind vegetables from tomatoes to eggplants, and the sidewalks are covered by orange, tangerine, grapefuit and lemon trees, so typical of the southern Mediterranean, marking the city’s solid connection with the land in addition to what it is famous for, the beautiful coves and bays around. The green panorama of the city is further accented by the everpresent pine trees along the hills.

Gocek sports four marinas and the whole bay is covered with boats, from dinghies to multimillion dollar megayachts, the latter rather being the norm. There is no beach in the city, which most people claim is the main reason why the city preserved most of its original beauty unlike most other Turkish resorts changed by mass tourism.