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Gocek Local Produce and Fishing

Fishermen in Inlice bay, next to Gocek

All kinds of vegetables are grown in the area thanks to the very fertile soil and nice climate. Citrus trees cover the land all over including Gocek center, from tangerines to lemons.

Gokceovacik village is a plain above the hills about 10 kilometers from the town center where farming is still a major source of revenue. Inlice, only couple of kilometers from Gocek and near the beach, is beautiful farming village.

Every Sunday there is a marketplace near the fire station where some farmers bring their own produce and traders sell produce they buy from other sources outside the area.

You can buy fresh fish from the local fishermen in Inlice and in Gocek. The popular fish of the area are Karagoz, Mercan, Akya, Turna and Sokar. Cipura and Levrek sold on the market are overwhelmingly from fish farms so I suggest to choose one of the above to taste local fish.

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