Hotels in Ankara Region

Anitkabir, Ankara
Anitkabir, Ankara
A Hittite relief
A Hittite bas-relief, Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara
Beypazari, Ankara
Beypazari, Ankara
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A big city of nearly 3.5 million habitants, capital of Turkish Republic, situated in the hearth of Anatolia, Ankara was in fact a Hittite city called "Ankwash". It was invaded by Phrygians then conquered by Alexander the Great and finally became a part of the Roman empire as Ankyra around 25 BC. The Seljuks and the Ottomans named this old city as Angora

It is now a modern city with some historic ruins, mainly of Hittites and Phrygians. It is also the home of Angora Goat, Angora Rabbit and Angora Cat. The city was one of the main stops on Silk Road and it is also an important connection point on the roads coming from the Black Sea. Today, it is a city of all governmental bodies and military headquarters.

Major sightseeing places: Mausoleum of Ataturk, stands on the hill, this limestone structure is a tribute to the founder of the Modern Turkey. Capital city of Turkey, Ankara offers Museum of Anatolian Civilizations as the most important archeological not only in the region but in Turkey. This small museum is the historic show of all the cultures and peoples who have lived in Anatolia (Turkey). Temple of Augustus is a Roman site that can be visited. At night, you can visit Kale (the castle) area for entertainment and dining.

If you have any chance of getting out of town in order to visit some places around Ankara, then a tour to Hattusas ruins, where Anatolian civilization has started, is a great idea You can also visit Beypazari which is an authentic Central Anatolian town, to see how important the concept of Bazaar is for Anatolians not only for trade but also for sociological and cultural reasons.