Moda is one of the best places to live in Istanbul. It is centrally located yet isolated from crowds, located about 10 minutes walking distance from Kadikoy, the center of the Asian side of Istanbul. For travelers it offers a glimpse into a silent residential part of Istanbul with spectacular views across the Bosphorus of the Sultanahmet area, Old Town of Istanbul.

There is a nostalgic tram from Kadikoy but it is easier and faster to walk. It is a modern, progressive neighborhood and getting more popular among foreigners from Europe and US.

Moda is where many Turkish intellectuals, poets, literary figures lived and continue to live. There are many historic buildings in Moda from St. Joseph French High School (1870) to many Ottoman style small houses and Melih Eczanesi on Moda street, a pharmacy founded first in 1902 in another building.


Famous places are the Moda Tea Garden (Moda Cay bahcesi), Ice Cream of Ali (Ali'nin Dondurmasi), bier garden by the seaside near, not on the dock, the Moda ferry dock which does not receive a regular ferry service any more. Sureyya Opera House, many movie theaters such as Rexx, restaurants, bars and pubs in the neighborhood provide easy access to entertainment.

Moda is a nice place to visit in summer.


By boat to Kadikoy and a walk 10-15 minute walk. You can either take the seaside route or go inland through Kadikoy market then up to Moda street (Moda Caddesi) and walk all the way down to Moda on that same street.