Ortakoy Mosque

Ortakoy Mosque also known as Grand Imperial Mosque (Buyuk Mecidiye Camii in Turkish) is located right on the edge of Bosphorus. This Neo-Baroque style mosque was built in 1853 for Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecit. Its architect Nigogos Balyan was also the architect of the Dolmabahce Palace.

Ortakoy Mosque consists of two main parts: Harim part endowed with beautiful pink mosaics and Hunkar part which is located on the west side. In addition the examples of Islamic calligraphy made by Sultan Abdulmecid who was also a hattat are shown in this mosque. Thanks to the high windows of the structure, lights of the Bosphorus reflect in the mosque.

This mosque has one more significance, with the pillar of Bosphorus Bridge behind it, it seem as a symbol of Istanbul's identity 'the mixture of the East and the West.'

This beautiful building which has been standing since the 19th century, represents one of the best examples of the Neo-Baroque style in Istanbul.


Ortakoy Mosque is situated at the seaside district Ortakoy.

Due to its central location on Bosphorus, many buses pass through Ortakoy. From Taksim it takes about 15 minutes by bus. From Sultanahmet you should first take the tram to Kabatas and then either walk about 30 minutes along the coast or take a bus. You can take many buses in the direction of the Bosphorus with Ortakoy name on its sign panel.