Istanbul Private Tours

Hagia Sophia wall

Private tours in Istanbul offer a more detailed look into Istanbul and the life of the city with a knowledgeable local guide.

These tours can cover the same itineraries as the regular tours but with the added advantage of the ability to consult the guide on a one on one basis as opposed to listening to the guide during group tours.

Private guides are licenced and specialist in their fields. If you have special tour requests, such as Byzantine Istanbul including less visited ruins and monuments, or a photography tour, or culinary tour including restaurant visits and cooking lessons you should indicate before booking so timely arrangements with appropriate guides are made. As you know Istanbul has Byzantine, Ottoman and comptemporary Turkish Republic history and tours can be arranged along the topics you are most interested in or provide you a combination of all to offer you a general look into the heart of the city.

Depending on the itinerary you can do walking tours or tour with a private car. The size of your party whether two or ten people will determine the vehicle used car, minivan or midibus.

We also suggest you to read through our Istanbul Guide written by locals and updated regularly, as well as check our Istanbul Events page listing festivals, art shows and concerts.

For small groups private cruise of Bosphorus can be arranged in small boats and for large groups it would be possible to charter large boats depending on the size of the group.

Where to join tours, pick up places for the tours

You can start private tours in your hotel, Karakoy cruise port or even at one of the airports in Istanbul. If you have enough time between your flights you can even ask for a private tour from the airport with drop off to the airport.

Please inquire about Istanbul private tours with details of your request, date and number of persons