Trains to/from Istanbul

A view of Haydarpasa Boat and Train Station

Istanbul has two railway stations: Sirkeci Railway Station located in Eminonu serving European destinations and Haydarpasa railway station serving Anatolian (Turkey's asian part) and Asian destinations.

The two railway stations are connected by frequent ferry (20-30 minutes interval during peak hours) connections are both located very close to sea, almost directly on sea.

Train travel in Turkey is limited and though clean and comfortable in many lines, it is very slow. Unfortunately, Turkey’s economic policies of using highways as the main mode of transportation has resulted in lack of progress in Turkish Railways.

The lines worth mentioning are Istanbul Ankara lines with sleeping cars or couchettes or fast trains. Also Konya Ankara fast train is highly suggested and is the best mode transportation from Ankara to Konya. Istanbul-Izmir line which includes a boat trip to Bandirma and then taking the train from Bandirma to Izmir.

A note of caution. Do not pay anyone coming towards you claiming to carry your baggage.

Sirkeci Railway Station for trains to Edirne and to European destinations

For train timetables and online ticket purchases and reservations please see Turkish Railways (TCDD)