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Alacati Holiday Guide

Alacati is a gem in Izmir peninsula. Located at less than an hour by car from Izmir, it is not only a weekend getaway for the people of Izmir but also travelers from Turkey and abroad. It has become quite popular in Turkey in recent years yet it is still the nice small and relaxing place it was. The old town has beautiful Greek houses built before Turkey was founded. Though the Alacati history goes back centuries latest settlements started in the 1800s.

If you avoid weekends, it is the place to get away from the crowds, to rest and enjoy life. The old town of Alacati is in the hill about 2 kilometers from the beach of Ilica though the beach clubs and the surf schools are farther away.

The small old town of Alacati (Alacati pictures) in the hill has small boutique hotels, guest houses and along its narrow cobblestone streets, cafes, restaurants and bars. Nothing too loud like you would find in bigger resort towns around Turkey. Alacati has also a small marketplace for local produce and gift items.

The sea is crystal clear and very refreshing, extending to the horizon of the Aegean. For Turkish people who love warm waters the sea is colder than Antalya or Fethiye regions but it is the perfect temperature to take a break from hot Turkish summer. There are public beaches as well as beach clubs with paid entry. Big resort hotels in the area have their own beaches.

Alacati is internationally famous for windsurfing and kiteboard. In fact a leg of the World Kiteboard Championship is held in Alacati as the the constant winds create the perfect environment for these water sports. Also the first windmill farm to generate electricity was built in Alacati hills, another proof that it is the wind capital of Turkey.

Alacati offers great Turkish seafood cuisine and mezes and raki with mastic (sakizli raki, the Turkish alcoholic drink with mastic that grows in Alacati) would turn a meal to joyous gathering. You can also have your meal with an Alacati wine. Alacati wass famous for its wine production that started during Ottoman Empire. The wines made in Alacati were exported to Europe and they were sought after in the 19th century. At only 7 kilometers from Alacati buzzing resort city of Cesme attracts visitors looking for nightlife.

Ildiri (ancient Erythrai) ruins is within Alacati town borders. Erythrai was an Ioanian city built around 1100 B.C. You can see Erythrai Ildiri pictures here

Alacati is 70 kilometers from Izmir you can take the bus from Izmir or use a private Izmir Airport Transfer.

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