Hotels in Ayvalik and Izmir

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The area north of Izmir, is not well known to overseas traveler, mostly because of time limitations while touring Turkey. On the other hand, European traveler knows the region quite well. Small cities and villages along the coast are visited mostly by Scandinavian, English and German tourists as a regular vacation spot.

The most popular destination of the North Egean is Ayvalik. The area is famous for not only its sandy beaches at Sarmisakli, but also the small island of Cunda (Alibey). The island was once popular for its fish restaurants, but now that the island is connected to the land by a highway many buildings, vacation villages have been built. Now for the best of the island, you should travel all the way down to where the old town is. These are old small Greek houses with all their charm. Many of them are turned to become guest houses (pansiyons) serving both Turkish and foreign travelers.

The region is famous for olive oil and soap. You may find some the best in the region. About one hour drive from Ayvalik, stands Pergamon as one the best preserved ancient Greek cities, where parchment is invented. The site also offers a great view to the valley below.

Ayvalik is famous for olive oil. You can also find fresh seafood in many restaurants, especially Cunda island.

Ayvalik is also a port for crossing into Lesvos Island about an hour and a half ferry ride to the port of Mytillini. Molyvos, a name given by Ottomans, is the most picturesque village of the island. Other places of interest are Agiasos, Sigri, Eresos among others. You can do a day trip or join a two day tour mostly done weekends. There are also flights and ferries to Athens and other islands from Lesvos.