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Perge-Aspendos (tour Ant1)

These remarkable ruined cities lie in an area known anciet times as pamphylia.Perge was founded around 1.000 BC and is a spectacular spot with expansive and impressive ruins. Built into the side of the hill is theatre which could accommodate 14000 people. The ancient site of Aspendos is famous for its well preserved theatre with elaborate stage , auditorium and arcade above all of which are intact. Full Day Trip

Per Person: 80.-EURO without lunch.

Side (tour Ant2)

Take a short trip up the coast to the ancient picturesque city of side. Here you will able to explore the old city walls , the roman baths and beatifully preserved amphitheatre and there are countless other remains as you meander through the heart of the old town. We also stop at the pleasant market town of Manavgat to admire the picturesque waterfall

Per Person: 80.-EURO without lunch


Phaselis and Termessos (tour Ant3)

Phaselis and Termessos are absorbing ruined cities within easy reach of Antalya. Phaselis was ancient seaport and there are picturesque remains to be admired. The spectaculer mountain top ruins of Termessos Tell an interesting story how its people warded off the army of the all conquering Alexander the Great.

 Per Person: 80.-EURO without lunch.

Antalya Shopping and waterfalls Tour (tour Ant4)

Characteristic geography of the region provides exciting scenery of several falls in Antalya while the refreshing waters from the highlands falls over the cliffs of 15 of up to 33 meters. You have opportunity of to make shopping in Antalya and in Shopping places.

Per Person: 30 EURO without lunch.


Pamukkale (tour Ant5)

Pamukkale is slightly further afield and well the effort to explore thi incredible naturel phenomenon. Walk barefoot through the gleaming white cliffs , bathe in Cleopatra's hot spring poll and swim over ancient ruins.

2 Days HB Per Person:150.-EURO
1 Days per person :125.-EURO with lunch

Myra, Demre ,Kekova (tour Ant6)

Some of the finest examples of Lycian funerary architecture are to be found at Myre , near the expanding present day town of Demre. Kekova is also the name of picturesque islands, numerous bays and ancient sunken cities.The world famous St. Nicholas church is worth to visit at Demre. The most popular tour enjoy the magnificient nature and crystal waters a colourful history.

Per Person: 80.-EURO with lunch


Yacht Cruise To Phaselis (tour Ant7)

One the most exciting tours among the nature loving people. Relaxing and easy going tour to the picturesque western coast of Antalya. One who prefers to relax while gazing the beautiful bays and forests over towering mountains should not miss this splendid full day yacht tour. Lunch and swimming break available during the tour.

Per Person: 45.-EURO

Aquapark (tour Ant8)

Beautiful parks decorated and prepared for pleasure , provides the guests a joyful day with full of fun. Sliding in the water canals attracts the attention of not only children but also their parents.

Per Person: 40.-EURO without lunch



Jeep Safari (tour Ant9)


An adventurous trip over Taurus Mountains, 1.200. m above the sea level. The convoy climbs up through the forests and little Nomadic villages with a stop to visit one of them. Driving through the picturesque passes over the valleys where the fresh spring water coming out with very exciting panorama.

Per Person: 80.-EURO with lunch

Rafting (tour Ant10)

A vacation in Antalya is not complete without a day of rafting on the Koprulu River. The Koprulu is a river of crystal clear water. The wide river flows gently through the magnificient landscape of Koprulu Canyon National Park. It is no wonder that this river has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors. Expert rafting guides brief the group on National Park safety procedures , and use of equipment . Participants may choose between an inflatable canoe or raft. Canoes offer a more active rafting trip. No previous rafting experience is necessary. Rafts hold 8-9 people and are manned by a river guide. Fun for families. Everyone must wear life-jackets.

Per Person: 55.-EURO with lunch

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