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Gocek General Travel Information

Gocek from the sea. Houses can have maximum two floors in Gocek.

Satellite photo and Gocek Google Map

A sailing boat just outside Gocek

When to Come

Gocek lies in the intersection of the Mediterranean and Aegean Turkey, climate being mostly Mediterranean. Gocek can be visited any time of the year but the best weather conditions are between May 1st and October 15th. The second half of October is good for yachtsmen looking for winds but there is also a higher chance of rainy days.

July and August could be hot, though these are the top seasons for tourism. June and September has warm and beautiful weather and May is very nice. In fact even April is great with blossoming orange flowers but it can get a little cool in the sea for yachting.

How to Come

You can fly to Dalaman from Istanbul (one hour and fifteen minutes) or from major European cities mostly in UK and Germany directly. Gocek is 22 kilometers, about 25 minutes drive, from Dalaman airport. Gocek Airport Transfers

You can also go by bus to Fethiye from major Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and then take a minibus or bus to Gocek from Fethiye. Fethiye is about 32 km or 30 minutes drive from Gocek. Bus companies Pamukkale and Metro operate along these lines.

There are also hourly buses from Marmaris to Fethiye which you can get off at Gocek and walk 5-10 minutes to the center. These buses run every hour or so depending on the season. Distances and approximate travel times by bus: Gocek-Fethiye (33km, 30 minutes), Gocek-Marmaris (102 km, 90 minutes), Gocek-Izmir (327 km 5 hours), Gocek-Bodrum (214 km, four and a half hours), Gocek-Kas (136 km, 2 hours), Gocek-Antalya (231 km, 4 hours).

There are no cruiselines or ferries to Gocek. The only way to come by sea is either by chartering a boat or a cabin in a scheduled cabin charter whose itinerary includes Gocek.


Winter population is about 4000 inhabitants including locals and foreign nationals who have their retirement homes in the hills facing the village. There are also a few hundred people relocated to Gocek from other cities in Turkey. In summer the population swells to 8000.


Historical name is Kalimche and rock tombs dating two thousands years back can be seen outside the village. Gocek was home to Lycian civilizations. However there are no major historic ruins in or in the immediate surroundings of the city.

Leisure and Nightlife

Daily activities may include visiting local villages around Gocek, trekking in the hills, taking boat trips to different islands and coves around Gocek bay. Of special interest are Dalyan for its water canal decorated with rock tombs leading to a beautiful beach, Saklikent for its gorge, Kayakoy for its Greek houses, Oludeniz for the beach or paragliding and Tlos for its beautiful ancient ruins. Daily Tours out of Gocek

At night you can have a meal in on eof the many fish restaurants, or traditional food venues or cafes. There are a few bars and two dance bars in the town. Please note that unlike many other opular resort townsi Gocek is calm and the nightlife venues are only a handful. See Nightlife Restaurants.

Internet connection while in Gocek

Broadband ADSL (DSL) and WIFI is available in Gocek. Most cafes and restaurants offer free wireless internet and there is also a free wi-fi service near the marina.


Gocek is small so all shops are lined on a row on the major street crossingthe city. There are three supermarkets (grocery stores) Tansas open during tourist season, Migros and BIM (low cost market) year around. In addition to many gift shops, clothing retailers, yachting equipment dealers, there are three bank branches, three laundry services, two shipping companies, one florist.

Gocek Hotels

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