Erciyes mountain Kayseri
Erciyes mountain, Kayseri
Weaving workshop Beypazari Ankara
Weaving workshop Beypazari, Ankara
Houses at Urgup, Cappadocia
Houses at Urgup, Cappadocia
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Central Anatolian plateau, covered with volcanic peaks, steppes and wheat fields, was the home to the worlds' most prominent civilizations of their times: Catalhoyuk was the biggest town on earth with about 6000 inhabitants, ten thousand years ago ! cappadocia, offers a lunar like landscape with amazing views, houses, chapels, and underground cities hallowed out of soft rocks.

The region was invaded by great conquerors such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Tamarlane. Caravanserails (ancient time inns and marketplaces) can be spotted along the roads which were the historical trade routes connecting East and West. About one thousand years ago, Turks have made the region their own, moving from the steppes of Asia. Today the capital city of Turkey, Ankara stands at the heart of this region.

Vacation Suggestions and Travel Planning:

There are many tour packages which include major sights of Central Anatolia. The tours depart from Istanbul or Ankara and can last from 2 to 5 days. There are also tours which include this region as part of a 7-14 days tour in Turkey. Please see our tour page for all tours in this region and around Turkey


For lodging in the Central Anatolian region please see Ankara, Cappadocia or Konya hotels. You may also select and reserve hotels with special rates using our hotels page.