Isa Bey Mosque Selcuk
Isa Bey Mosque, Selcuk
sirince village Selcuk
Sirince village, Selcuk
Ephesus theatre
Ephesus theater
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Selcuk is located at around 80 km from Izmir and 20 km from Kusadasi and it can be considered as a big base camp for Ephesus visitors as it is situated just 3 km away from this ancient city.

Thanks to its location, this small village quickly became a town with a great tourism income adding up to its farming revenues. Although Ephesus gets the major credits and overshadows Selcuk when it is showtime, it does not mean that Selcuk simply offers nothing. You can visit Isa Bey Mosque, built in 1375, a great example of Seljuki architecture which is considered as an important product of Islamic art or you can enjoy the Ephesus museum in the city center.

Since Selcuk is inland and the heat of summer makes it difficult to get around during the hot months of July and August, in hot days of summer it is a good idea to visit Pamucak coast of Selcuk that offers relief along its long sandy beaches decorated with holiday villages and luxury hotels. Selcuk is popular for its "chop sish" a lamb sish kebap of tiny pieces of meat grilled on charcoal fire on skewers.

Another village that is definitely worth seeing is Sirince, 8 km from Selcuk, an authentic and touristic hilltop Turkish village. Originally an old Greek settlement, you can still find examples of traditional Anatolian wine making here. Carefully restored old houses surrounded by fruit trees and grapevines along with the superb scenery makes this small village a unique place to visit. To get to Selcuk you can use bus and local minibus services or use a private Izmir Airport Transfer.