Great Palace Mosaics Museum

Great Palace Mosaics Museum which is located in Arasta Bazaar (the touristic bazaar next to the Blue Mosque) serves as a museum since 1953.

In 1950s, a group of archaeologists from University of St Andrews(Scotland) discovered an amazing mosaic pavement from early Byzantine times near around the Blue Mosque. These mosaics belonged to the Great Palace which was built in 330 by Roman Emperor Konstantin I and has been a home for Byzantium Emperors from 4th to 11th century. In the 6th century, Justinianus I covered the floor with these mosaics that are currently displayed in the museum. Unfortunately, now there are only a few remnants from the Great Palace including these beautiful mosaics. It is estimated that the pavement was 4000 m2 in that time. Now the remaining 250 m2 is preserved in the museum. The mosaics covered with stunning pictures of hunting , rural life, kids and mythological scenes.

While some tourist guides and many travelers downplay the importance of the museum it is interesting for the scenes displayed on the mosaics.

Entrance fee is 8tl(~4euro)

It is open everyday between hours of 9am and 4.30pm except monday.

It is walking distance from everywhere in Sultanahmet and very easy to reach by tram from Taksim (with funiculaire connection down to Kabatas and the tram to Sultanahmet) and other locations in European Istanbul.

Arasta Bazaar (Mosaic Museum in it) on Istanbul Map