Spice Market(Misir Carsisi)

This is a small bazaar, known in Turkish as Misir (Epgyptian) bazaar, which is located in Eminonu, right next to the Flower Bazaar. One of the oldest markets of Istanbul, it was built in 1660 by Hatice Turhan Sultan. As the name suggests, the shops have hundereds if not thousands of different spices and different types of food from caviars to pistachios. Much smaller than Grand Bazaar in size, it is a medium size bazaar with six different entrances.

Many different herbs from all around the world are sold here. The great part of these products were imported from Egypt, therefore it is also called “Egyptian Bazaar”. At the time of its establishment, it served as a 'natural pharmacy'. According to your health problem, sellers offered you a mixture of herbs which could heal you. Still this tradition is alive today. Although there are no big ticket items here, bargaining is always a good idea!


Eminonu is one of the most central districts of Istanbul. It is a 20 minutes walk from Sultanahmet. There are buses from all over European Istanbul.

You can take can also take the ferry from almost all main points of Istanbul such as Besiktas , Uskudar , or Kadikoy and get off at Eminonu port.

If you are interested in spices, lokums (Turkish delights), Turkish sweets and delicacies, food coming from nearby countries, Spice Market is the right place for you !

Spice Market on Istanbul Map