Istanbul Museums

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Archaeological Museum Sultanahmet 0 212 520 77 40

Open 09:30-16:30
Closed Monday

This is in close vicinity of Topkapi Palace, in the direction of Gulhane park entrance. There are many collections in the museum. From Egyptian and Assyrian empires to Roman and Byzantine statues, marvellous sarchophagi, and pieces of Temples. The rich collection of ancient art are brought from anicent sites all over Anatolia (Turkey).

Chora Church (Kariye Müzesi) Fatih 0 212 631 92 41 Open 09:00-16:30
Closed Tuesday

Known also as St. Saviour, this church is famous for its mosaics. The second most important Byzantine church in Istanbul, has beautiful frescoes with the theme of death and resurrection.

Military Museum Harbiye 0 212 233 27 20 Open 09:00-17:00
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Display of ancient cannons,costumes, and weaponry from Ottoman Empires. Also the Janisary Band performs in front of the museums during the summer months,between the hours 15:00-16:00

Topkapi Palace Museum Sultanahmet 0 212 512 04 80 Open 09:00-16:00
Closed Tuesday

Topkapi Palace is the symbol and the center of the Ottoman Empire. Overlooking Istanbul Bogazici (Bosphorus) and the Marmara sea, stands this amazing building that was the great palace of the Ottoman Sultans. The palace is a collection of buildings arranged around a series of courtyards and has incredible collections of jewels, China, pieces of Ottoman and Islamic artwork.

Hagia Sophia Sultanahmet 0 212 522 17 50 Open 09:00-16:00
Closed Monday

Built by Constantin the Great, also known as the church of the Divine Wisdom designed to impress the strenght and wealth of the Roman emperors. Once it was the greatest Christian church in the world.

Turkish and Islamic Art Museum Sultanahmet 0 212 515 18 05 Open 09:00-18:30
Closed Monday

Used to be the Palace of Ibrahim Pasa is a museum containing a large collection of Islamic artwork.

Basilica Cistern Sultanahmet 0 212 522 12 59 Open 09:00-17:30

Built in the fourth century, is one of the underground cisterns that riddle the foundations of the city. It has been extensively excavated and renovated and is worth visiting and exploring while listening to the tunes of classical music. A unique experience !

Grand Bazaar Beyazit - Open 09:00-19:00
Closed Sunday

The world's biggest covered historic Bazaar. It is one of the most famous spots of Istanbul, always filled with crowds who not only come to shop but to window -shop carpets, jewellery, leathers, handcrafts, home decoration items and many more.

Galata Tower Sishane 0 212 245 11 60 Open 08:30-20:00
14th century Genoese fortificaiton.The view from the tower is magnificient All bosphorus is under your feet..

Spice Bazaar


- Open 09:00-19:00
Closed Sunday

This is a small bazaar, known in Turkish as Misir (Epgyptian) bazaar. As the name suggests, the shops have hunderds if not thousands of different spices and different types of food, from caviars to pistachios.

Dolmabahce Palace Besiktas 0 212 258 55 44 Open 09:00-16:00
Closed Monday & Tuesday

The Palace was built as a second residence to the Sultan Abdulmecid mid 19th century. The palace commands a nice view right on the Bosphorus and its gardens are very pretty, especially in spring and summer. The founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has died in this palace on November 10, 1938 at 9.05 AM.

Blue Mosque Sultanahmet - Open Everday,Except
During Prayer Times

Also called the Sultanahmet Camii, is known as the Blue Mosque, because of its magnificient interior decorations of blue Iznik tiles. Outside of the mosque stands the turbe or the tomb of Sultan Ahmet. It is decorated with 17th century Iznik tiles. The Sultan was buried here along with his wife and three sons.

Eyup Mosque Eyup - Open Everday,Except
During Prayer Times
Holiest mosque of Istanbul.The Ottoman sultans held their coronation ceremonies here.
Suleymaniye Mosque Beyazit - Open Everday,Except
During Prayer Times

Built by Mimar Sinan, the great architect, and completed in just seven years is considered to be the most beautiful of all Imperial mosques in Istanbul. It dominates the skyline of the Golden Horn. Adjoining the mosque there are schools of theology, schools of Medicine, and a caravanserai.

Istanbul Toy Museum Goztepe 0216 359 45 50 Open Everday

The first and only private toy museum of Turkey, is opened by Turkish poet and author Mr. Sunay Akin in 2005 . It should be visited to learn the children of the world with the culture of toys and to refresh the childhood memories of the adults. It includes 7000 antique toys from all over the world.

Dogancay Museum Beyoglu +90 212 244 77 70 Open Daily

The Dogancay Museum is a museum or modern art officially opened in 2004. It is centrally located in a 150-year old historic building in the bustling section of Beyoglu in walking distance from Taksim Square. The museum provides a general overview of a small portion of the prolific oeuvre of one of Turkey's leading artists, Burhan Dogancay, and that of his father, Adil.

Istanbul Modern Art Museum Tophane +90 212 334 73 00 Open daily except Mondays

The museum is the biggest modern art museum of Turkey encompassing works of Turkish artists with a permanent collection and ongoing year around exhibitions by famous Turkish and International artists . It has a wonderful location right on the Bosphorus near Old Town and Beyoglu.

Sakip Sabanci Museum Emirgan - Open daily except Mondays

Has the most important Ottoman Caligraphy collection along with the work of famous Turkish painters. Every year the museum displays the show of at least one iconic artist show. Past exhibitions include works of Picasso, Dali and Beuys. Located north Bosphorus in the European side of Istanbul.

Rahmi Koc Museum Haskoy +90 212 369 66 00 Open daily except Mondays

The Rahmi M Koç Museum is the first major museum in Turkey dedicated to the history of Transport, Industry and Communications. Located along Golden Horn in a beautiful setting.

Pera Museum Beyoglu + 90 212 334 99 00 Open daily except Mondays

Located in a beautiful historic building, the museum presents a vast visual panorama of the last two centuries of the Ottoman Empire, includes works by Osman Hamdi, regarded by art historians as the genre's only "native Orientalist". Has year around exhibitions, film shows and hosts art panels.

Istanbul Byzantine Mosaic Museum Sultanahmet 0212 528 45 00 Open daily except Wednesdays

Right next to Sultanahmet Mosque in the Arasta Bazaar, the museum houses Byzantine mosaics, unearthed at the site of the Great Palace of Constantinople.